Saturday, July 16, 2022

Shaving with Vanilla Tobacco The Tallow Version

Today we use something that is currently waiting on labels, the soap batch was made a week ago and now we are eagerly waiting for them to arrive I'm talking about Vanilla Tobacco. One of the best-selling tallow soaps we offer and is currently a favorite of men as well as women. The scent will stay with you a long time after your shave and if you get the aftershave lookout! I have women just buying the after-shave because they said their husbands won't let them use theirs. Whatever happened to sharing?

When you purchase the soap you will start to see it turn brown over time this is perfectly normal. You see when adding vanilla to any soap be it shaving or bar soap this is a natural occurrence. I use all-natural ingredients in our products and this is a direct result of that.

I started Wet The Face with just four shaving soaps and this is one of them. I'm so proud of this one it has been part of Wet The Face from the beginning and keeps getting better, recently we gave the label a makeover when it moved to tallow and it was so enjoyed by our customers we are changing the full line to reflect the new label style this, of course, will happen over time.

Stay tuned for some interesting stories and what I have been watching

As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet the Face

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