Saturday, December 31, 2022

Last Shave Of 2022

Welcome to our last shave of 2022. During the 2022 year, we released 7 new shaving soaps and aftershaves. We also introduced two new 3D-printed products a beautiful stand that holds 5 aftershaves and the other a wall-mounted version that holds 4. These all came from the very talented Chuck LaChancé I'm hoping we can see more of his designs for us in the future.

Next, we just released a new batch of Alford Wayman's Creek Road Pottery Bowls & Brushes which in only two days have once again sold out. Our next target date will be fathers day so please submit your out-of-stock notification on our website so you will be emailed as soon as they go on sale.

Our shaving soaps have been so much fun this year. I love watching them grow in popularity the first one that comes to mind is INFINITY. This was something that Ben Moran came to me and asked if I would make this for him due to having another artisan give up on the project. It was a memory he had of when his dad purchase the cologne Eternity for him as a young man and it was very special to him. I'm just glad I could do this for him.

Brutis and Spices from the sea was a one-two punch that is still going strong today I have made both of them a number of times running out constantly. The big surprise of 2022 was the introduction of The Shelby Shaving Company and its first release Thomas Shelby Signature Scent. I think it was a big surprise not only to our customers but to other fellow artisan soap makers. We also have a hard time keeping this one in stock and unfortunately, it going to be even harder if this doesn't change. I can't find all the ingredients that make up the scent I've been looking for months, my only saving grace was I made a bigger batch knowing that people loved it so now that's gone. This is why I can't make the aftershave until I find everything. BTW this is the one I'm using for the last shave of 2022.

My new fall release was a hit as well I had placed Autumn on hold to debut this new scent and I'm almost sold out only 3 left and very happy with the feedback from all of you on that one. 
Our Tallow line will be expanding in 2023 I feel our customers like them so we will continue with new releases. Unfortunately with good news, you must also have bad and we are dropping some of our soaps this new year this list is not definite but we are looking into retiring them permanently some of these might be placed in our Flea Market until they run out of stock but remember no returns or exchanges on the flea Market items. These are the soaps we will discontinue Hawaiian Tropic, Lagom, and Pinon this also includes the aftershaves unless we hear from our customers so chime in if you feel you want them to stay.

Also In today's video, I'm recommending another Netflix movie directed by GUILLERMO DEL TORO called Pinocchio. Just a word about this one, it's not for the kids it had me in tears in the first 20 min.

** I have a test for all of you - Could you tell me what shaving soap you think has sold the most since I opened in 2015? it will be 8 years this coming March 12

That's all I have for this year. I'm tired and I need to have a few days rest - Not a chance - lol
Thanks to all the Patreons over the years 

As Always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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