Saturday, December 3, 2022

Pearl K2 Dual Handle DE Razor Review

Today we have a new hardware review from Pearl Razor It's the K2 Dual Handle DE Razor along with that razor I also received Sunrise Bliss shaving soap and a Pearl Synthetic Brush. All will be used in this week's video.

I'll start off with the shaving soap. this came to me in a tin I have to say it had a few dents to it which made the product look a little fatigued. When you look at the label you notice that its design is part of the way this product keeps its lid on without the tabs from the label holding the lid it would be flying right off. Now, this would be better placed in a plastic tub. Tins are almost all gone from wet shaving nowadays this one would be a perfect candidate.

The scent is a nice summertime fragrance but we are in December I thought it was a strange choice to send this one alone but it is the newest offering out of three available. It is not a bad scent at all but the notes are not listed on the website. They keep referring to it as an Artisan shaving soap but have you ever seen ingredients like these in an Artisan soap? Stearic acid,Mystric acid,Palmitic acid, Coconut oil, D.M.Water,Propylene Glycol,Potassium Hydroxide,E.D.T.A, perfume, color ci42090. This is a private-label soap just like the others they have there is nothing artisan about it except that it refers to it on its label.

Next up is the brush it's labeled as a men's extra soft synthetic bristles SBB-44 White Star. I will say this brush would be good for anyone starting out in wet shaving but this is nothing special. It does the job it has a little backbone which for me is a minus. Apparently, the guy who left a review on the website is a huge fan of Pearl and he didn't have good things to say about it either.

That last thing is the razor. It comes in a box that has a pull tab to help with opening it and this reveals as follows. Shaving Guide, Pearl cleaning cloth, a box of 7 DE blades, Two sizes of precision etched handles, and a base and head. Each part is carefully machined with zero errors on the finish. Also, each handle fits perfectly to the base steam with no problems.

This razor like all Pearl razors is aggressive. That being said this one seems to be the least of the bunch but that's not saying much because if you are not paying attention you can still do damage to your face very quickly. I had to slow down my technic which allowed me to hold back on some of the nicks and cuts but they still did happen in some places. I would recommend this razor to someone who has been wet shaving for a while and has a heavy thick beard. People who should avoid this razor are newbies and first-timers this one is not for you.

That's all I have this week
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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