Saturday, January 28, 2023

Nivea Shaving Cream & 2 Phase Aftershave

Looking for something different I wanted to use Nivea shaving cream today and while looking for that I also found the Nivea 2-phase aftershave both of these products work extremely well together.

The shaving cream has an amazing scent to it I just can't pinpoint the origins of a barbershop-like fragrance that edges over to a cologne-like scent. Regardless it's fantastic to me and made shaving that much more enjoyable.

I didn't bowl lather although I could have, I opted for a face lather placing a squeeze of the shaving cream inside the bristles of my brush which had already been wet with warm water. I then wet my face and started with circular motions and quickly built up an amazing creamy rich lather.

The lather got right into the beard giving me the slickness and glide needed to go over trouble spots without fear of irritation. The post-shave feel was great but once I applied the 2 phase aftershave it got even better. What an amazing feeling that aftershave provided truly a one-two punch of shaving goodness.

This 2-phase aftershave I've never seen before in any other product. Once you take it out of its packaging you can see where it gets its name from. You can visually see the separation of the two phases but you must shake this very well in order to get the benefit of this unique protecting combination. You will be amazed at how this makes your post-shave feel even better. Trust me.

This week I talk about some Netflix things I've seen and some other movies as well like Top Gun Maverick, Harry & Magen, The Last Of Us, Your Honor, and getting ready for Poker Face

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