Saturday, February 4, 2023

Shaving With Jeeves Of Hudson Street

Most of you know I get lots of products to review and sometimes it can be overwhelming. The biggest problem is not doing the reviews but where do you put all this stuff. Well, what I do is throw them into a box right under my computer desk. When I see it getting full I'll post some of them on my flea market at discounted prices. It's worked out for me so far and as soon as I have an overflow again more will be posted. This time I dug deep into this box to the bottom and pulled out a shaving soap puck that I most likely missed.

Now before I start talking about this artisan I had reviewed some of his shaving soaps before so it's not like I missed this one and the reviews never happened they did. This company was Jeeves Of Hudson Street and he did have a wonderful product the last time I looked he also had a very big following if I remember correctly.

Recently after finding his puck I went looking for the website and noticed the domain was not active he has also left Facebook so I'm assuming he has left the community to pursue other interests. That being said people still talk about his products and is still remembered fondly in the Wet Shaving community.

When I took the wax paper off the puck it was actually brittle because shaving soap last long but they don't last forever and this one was way overdue. Once it was removed you can tell it was a little dry but after pressing it between my fingers it started to show life again and I was able to place it into my shaving bowl and make a damn good lather. Applying it was like using any new soap of artisan quality today. Great coverage slickness and glide. The post-shave feel was a good one as well.

So all in all it was a wonderful shave and I hope he and his wife are doing well and are safe. I'm sure if he ever wanted to come back to the Wet shaving community he would be welcomed with open arms.

In today's YouTube video, I talk about The Toaster that wouldn't die and also The Servant on Apple+

So that's it for me this week 
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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