Saturday, April 1, 2023

Shaving & Laundry Sauce

On today's Shaving and Talking, we bring out the shaving soap Lagom. I love this scent it's based on Tom Fords White Pachueli. Lagom is Swedish for moderate not too much not too little and it's used in just about everything in Sweden from cooking to one's own life and we used it here in our shaving soap. I learned about this word from a model on Youtube they call her Swea and she goes by her social handle SweaLife her actual name is Estelle Berglin. Blonde, Beautiful, and down to earth. She currently lives in Abu Dhabi. She talked about what the word Lagom means and I thought it would be a perfect name for a shaving soap.

Also in this video, I wanted to introduce to you Laundry Sauce if you've never heard of them it's a company that wanted to create luxury scented detergent for your clothes. They have 4 scents so far and only two are available as samples. Speaking of samples I tried very hard to find on their website the place to order samples and could never find it. I turned to the Contact Us section of the website and after twice using this with no answer I went to Facebook and asked the same question and in 24 hours someone got back to me with a link. The main reason for this was the fact that I didn't want to spend $70.00 ($1.00 a pod) on something that I may not like the scent so samples are the way to go. Funny how they hid the fact that you could actually buy them.

When it came to doing a load of clothes I normally use two pods with Tide so I did the same using Laundry Sause. When they came out of the wash I hardly noticed any scent but when they came out of the dryer that's when I could smell the scent of Siberian Pine. I cleaned undergarments a scarf and also a blanket which I used on my bed in the winter. Everything seemed to come out clean and smelling pine fresh the scent was not like it was hitting you over the head and it did last a good 4 to 5 days so it tested out just fine. If you are a fabric softener kind of person you're going to have to use one without any scent unless you use the Laundry Sauce scented sheet for the dryer which btw adds to the expense of doing the wash.

As you noticed doing laundry can get pricey using Laundry Sauce When you think about it what problem is this solving that you need to switch in fact it creates a greater expense. What is stopping the makers of Tide which is Procter & Gamble, not a small company by any means just creating luxury scents and cutting the price so low that Laundry Sauce will be out of business believe me if P&G sees this is catching on that exactly what they are going to do.

For me, I'm just interested in the scents and when they come out with the additional two in sample form I'll get them but I'm stopping at that point Tide, for now, seems to be the price point I want to spend on doing my laundry but if you feel this is something you would like then please go right ahead you will not be disappointed.

Well, That's all I have for today
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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