Saturday, May 6, 2023

Shaving With The Sport Of Kings

Today we shave with the Sport Of Kings or Polo Sport Blue as some refer to it. I have been told this is extremely close to spot on to the original and you can give thanks to the help of our testers for that.

The history of this one for Wet The Face goes back a few years to when this product had a green label and yes this was my mistake. I've been known to make mistakes from time to time but this was a big one. People were confused as to its green label when released because it did give the impression that this was Polo Green so yes confusion all around. I was only trying to make a green field of grass but that sure did backfire on me. After the batch was gone I redesigned the label and everything fell into place.

In this week's YouTube video, I discuss some of the things I ordered last week one was an air frier and the other was an Ortus LaserMaster 3. As of this writing, I'm still waiting for both to arrive. The Air Frier I think was lost with UPS I waited an extra week and was instructed by Amazon to get a refund on May 5th my order will be eligible for that. It's disappointing because I really had much use for one and now I guess I should take the opportunity to reevaluate and see if I should reorder the one I selected or go for something new.

This brings us to the Ortus Lasermaster 3. I was always thinking about getting one and now had the funds to go for it so I did. It said it would arrive in two days but that was a week ago. I'm not complaining because it was the lowest price I have ever seen before and if you look now it shot up to $150.00 more. The thing about this kind of device is they always need other things to make them work. Yes, it comes with its own software which only works on your phone. Most users recommended you purchase something called LightBurn which is $120.00 so I did and I'm glad all the YouTube video reference this software no one bothers with the phone app to do real work with.

Now for the other odds and ends like the honeycomb bed. This is something that is needed so you don't cut whatever you have your LM3 sitting on. This leads to the next thing the ridiculously priced legs for the LM3 at $79.00. Since you need the honeycomb bed you would then need to raise the system so the bed fits underneath makes sense right? Many people have opted to 3D print these legs and having a 3D printer that's exactly what I did. Went on to Thingaverse and found the exact ones and printed them even before the delivery saving me around $78.00. The final two things are an air pump which removes the debris from what you engrave or cut and clears the smoke away from the laser which improves the cutting edge. Lastly, the one thing I haven't purchased yet is the YRR 3.0 roller which allows you to engrave on cans, bottles wine glasses. Also, a YAR same as the YRR but it works on a claw system so you can hold things like a coffee mug.

This leaves us with purchasing products to sell. I want to engrave things like slate and cork coasters, blank wood, and aluminum business cards, just for starters. I'm hoping to make a few videos showing my journey using both products so watch out for them in the future.

Well, That's all I have this week
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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