Saturday, March 9, 2024

Shaving With PipeSmoke

Today I'm using the old stand-by PipeSmoke it never fails to impress me with just how amazing this scent is. The lather is just crazy rich and creamy the slickness and glide allow me to be aggressive with the single-edge razor. I can go over trouble spots without fear of irritation. The post-shave feel is always a pleasure.

My discussion this week in this video surrounds the Excaliber Vs Enoch are they the same? All signs point to yes so far. I did get the Excalibur order in and quickly looked and the razor head they are similar in appearance but I have not shaved with it yet which I will leave for the upcoming video. If this turns out to be the same product and Mr. Webster is just reselling the Excalibur as his own branded razor then I going to seek a refund and I encourage others to do the same because he has lied to us all. On the other hand, if Yaqi razors are working with him (like he said in our conversation) to come out with a razor based on the Excaliber then he is going to have to show me where the differences are (handle not included). For someone such as myself who supported his Occam razor line, I at least deserve to be told the truth we all do.

Next week I will be combining the St Partick Day shave using The Quiet Man shaving soap with the Excaliber razor. I will also release the conversation of myself and Mr. Webster discussing the fate of Classic Shaving and Occam's Razor line of products. Stay tuned for that.

That's all I have this week
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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