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Yaqi Excalibur and The SEnoch Comparison

Yaqi Excalibur and The SEnoch Comparison:

Today, we delve into the ongoing controversy surrounding the Yaqi Excalibur and The SEnoch from Classic Shaving. While many assume these razors are identical, why is Classic Shaving pricing them at $60 when they're available for $20 on Aliexpress? I set out to uncover the truth.

Interaction with Luke Webster:
I ordered a Yaqi Excalibur and then sought out Luke Webster, the owner of Classic Shaving. After finally connecting with him, we had our initial conversation on Facebook within an hour. I asked for permission to share our conversation publicly, and he suggested he would provide a written statement. However, despite waiting for two weeks and sending reminders, I received no response. Consequently, I'll be sharing our conversation at the end of this YouTube video, after waiting for three weeks.

Comparison of the Razors:

Although the Excalibur and the SEnoch appear quite similar, they are subtle differences. The SEnoch weighs the same as the Excalibur, and while the materials used are similar, the finish on the SEnoch is arguably superior.

Product Mention:
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'll be using Wet the Face's "The Quiet Man" shaving soap this week. I've recently crafted a new batch of vegan formulas, but unfortunately, the tallow version is currently out of stock again, having sold out within three days. It was surprising to see such rapid depletion, but I have another batch in production, soon to be available.

Assessment of the Razor Situation:
"Based on my experience, Mr. Webster offered to explain the situation but failed to respond, despite having ample opportunity during our conversation. After allowing three additional weeks for a reply, I can only speculate that he may be unable to provide the truth, as it could potentially impact product sales. While I did notice a slightly better shave with the SEnoch, I don't believe it justifies the additional $40 cost. Personally, I'd prefer to stick with my original Occam's Razor Enhanced Nano and call it a day."

That concludes this week's analysis. As always, let's remember to be kind to one another.
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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