Saturday, May 18, 2024

Pearl Sent Me a Box Of Products

Last week, I received an email from The Pearl Shaving Company informing me that they had sent a package for review. When the package arrived, it was filled with various products. Unfortunately, I had already made videos featuring some of these items. Nevertheless, I was eager to use everything in the box, so this will be part one of a two-part video series.

First, we will use the Pearl Slant Safety Razor with the SS 316L handle. In the past, when I received the Flexi and the Hammer, they were presented in the most impressive packaging. However, this time, the packaging is quite conservative—one might even call it understated compared to the others. That said, you don't shave with the box, so the razor is what truly matters, and to me, it's a winner.

Having used slant razors before, I am familiar with what to expect and how they differ from regular DE razors. For the wet shavers who may not know, a slant razor is a safety razor with an angled blade guard instead of a straight one, making the razor slightly more aggressive. The angled blade guard provides more room between the blade and the guard, allowing it to slice through hair rather than chop it. Slant razors are renowned for their precision and are favored by those with thick and coarse hair. Additionally, they can benefit individuals with sensitive skin because they require fewer passes across the face.

In addition to the Slant Razor, we will also be using a lathering bowl, Sunrise Bliss shaving soap, an Alum Bar, a Zebra Pearl shaving brush, and the Post Shave Lotion. So click the video below and see how everything performed. 

Here are the links to the products used:

1. Coffeeop Shaving Soap -

2. Shaver's Spirit Shaving Soap -

3. Shaving Bowl -

4. Shaving Alum-

5. Sunrise Bliss Shaving Soap -

6. Slant Razor -

7. Zebra Shaving Brush (28 MM knot Size) -

8. Shaving Stand -

9. L-55 Antique Brass Razor -

10. Post Shave Lotion-

That's all I have for today 

As always be kind to one another 

Don Youngner

Wet The Face

1. Coffeeo

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