Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Pearl Box Part Two

So we go back to the Pearl Box for another round of products and are using the Pearl Classic Safety Razor this time. This razor has a very impressive finish one that took me by surprise. An antique brass finish that makes this razor stand out from the others in its price 

A nice-looking razor means nothing unless the way it shaves is equally impressive and this one accomplishes that with no problem. For only $30.00 this razor packs a lot of high marks on my chart, the handle has a wonderful grip which allows excellent handling, easy blade loading, and cleaning you must take the razor apart but it's not a problem this is an easy thing to accomplish.

As most of you know when I shave I already come to the den with around 6 to 7 days of growth and this razor took it off with ease. Now, I'm saying this is going to happen for you since we all use different blades so take that information with you before you purchase.

Along with the razor I used the following product which links to them can be found in the description.
Alum Bar, Sprite Shaving Soap, Shaving Bowl, Post Shave Lotion, Zebra 28mm Knot synthetic brush. All the products performed very well.

Product links used:

1. Coffeeop Shaving Soap -
2. Shaver's Spirit Shaving Soap -
3. Shaving Bowl -
4. Shaving Alum-
5. Sunrise Bliss Shaving Soap -
6. Slant Razor -
7. Zebra Shaving Brush (28 MM knot Size) -
8. Shaving Stand -
9. L-55 Antique Brass Razor -
10. Post Shave Lotion-

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