Monday, April 6, 2015

Review - Seattle Sundries Shaving Soap

Company: Seattle Sundries
Product: Shaving Soap 
Founder: Anne
Location: Seattle Washington
Trifecta of Bad

I first emailed Anne when I was ordering from her website, She was going on vacation and told me she would select all the shaving soaps for me and one hand soap I wanted. We had a good conversation on email and you can tell she’s a good-natured person.  That why it pains me to say this but I didn’t like her shaving soaps at all.

The shaving soaps come in a small tin 2.5oz 1”deep with a screw on lid. The opening is small but could be used to lather but for me I would suggest a mug or scuttle. The labels are made of paper with no coating to protect them from water. During my use with all 3 tins two of the labels became stuck to the puck causing them to peal off. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough until the puck was fully dry before putting them back. I do think more care should have been taken regarding the labels; maybe a plastic coating would have minimized the water issues from ever happened. 

Old School Shaving Soap was my favorite scent of all three. I will descript the notes on this as a very bright sweet almond. It was real pleasing and I could see myself using this often. On the scent scale I would put this on or about 4 out of 10.

Here is where this soap failed for me. I wanted this soap to work I really did. I tried many times to get a lather that would last. I even went to the website and followed the instructions exactly to the letter explained by the sharpologist. Nothing that I was doing was helping me create a lather that would last more then 1 min. I tried face, hand and bowl lathering. I tried more water less water I even bloomed the puck. As soon as I would apply the lather to my face it would slowly disappeared to a transparent state. 

I’m now using all three tins as hands soap because that’s what they seem to perform well as. I can’t really recommend them. All three performed exactly the same way. Today we have many artisan shaving soaps to choose from that can offer quality results. To step in this arena you have to play with some big contenders. Your product has to be at that level and for me Seattle Sundries shaving soap is not.

$9.50 2.5oz

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