Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review: Top Shelf Subscription Box

Founder: Garry Johnson

Subscription boxes are everywhere these days from toys to clothes. In the wet shaving community we have more then our share with Luxury Barber Box, Select Shave and Wet Shave Club to name a few. I had the opportunity to review a new Wet Shaving Box called Top Shelf.  

When I opened the box I was confused at first and disappointed in how it looked but I’ll touch on this later. I started to unwrap everything and began reading the contents page that came with the box. Right away I knew two things I didn’t know before and maybe would have never known. You see Garry included an Original Art of Shaving Sandalwood full size puck in his box. I didn’t know this but that the formula is about to change by taking out the tallow. The included puck is of the org formula so for me this was worth the $20.00. Made me think maybe I should order another. More insider information was given regarding the reformulation of the included vintage cologne again outstanding insider information. Garry would continue to give his own personal take on each item along with any important news.

When I received my first Luxury Barber box I enjoyed showing it off. I took photos emailed them to friends and posted them online but I’m not going to do that with Top Shelf. The box is kind of ugly with no presentation at all. The items were wrapped with care but it was way over done and when you open the box for the first time all you see is bubble wrap. Frankly I wouldn’t give this box a second look but because I’m a wet shaver I know its value. Does a fancy looking box make it a better value not really, but it does make me feel better about my purchase and if I feel good about what I bought I’m going to tell people about it.

I talked with Gary and he is well aware of the changes he has to make and will be making every effort to implement them as well as adding some new features in future releases. So I see value as long as I find full size items like the Art of Shaving puck that was included. I would also like to see a little less confusing website a facelift if you will.  I will be continuing to check on Top Shelf and report on the progress. I see good things coming and I wish Garry all the best.

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