Saturday, September 30, 2017

JabonMan / EUFROS Premium GEA

Company: JabonMan
Product: EUFROS Premium GEA
Founder: Manuel Garcia
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Website: -

Every once in a while, you hear buzz about a hard to find shaving soap that’s getting lots of attention. I’ve checked back on my community and only seen it come up about 3 times in the SOTD postings so I’d say It’s pretty obscure. I never found out who or where this artisan was or how to order it until about four months ago when my friend Melvin Hollenberg who lives in the Netherlands sent me this letter explaining he wanted to contribute to our giveaways and provided us with two shaving soaps and a straight razor as well. The straight comes from the company Solingen and it’s just stunning. The soaps are from Spain and we have two tins of them. One is premium tallow the other just says premium so no tallow. They just happened to be the ones I’ve been looking for but sadly for me, I’m not able to keep them because all of these items will be part of our Dec giveaway the last one of 2017.

Each soap has a large but very modest label. The Fougere makes it known that this is a premium tallow soap while GEA just states premium. Each one of the tins reads handmade by JabonMan and this must be the company name. The tins are of a light gauge and can be dented or crushed very easily. Not really my favorite when it comes to shaving soap containers now that most use plastic tubs. Each soap offers about 125g or 4.4 oz.

As scents go I have to concentrate on GEA although both are extraordinary the GEA really was impressive. A masculine scent made of Bergamot, Lavender, cedar, and Neroli. This scent really surprised me out of the tin. It’s on the strong side when lathering but light from the tin. 

GEA is amazing with lather although a thirsty soap, this did not hold me back from making some that was rich and creamy and allowed me to get right into my 5-day-old beard. This also has plenty of slickness and glide which will allow you to go over trouble spots many times without fear of irritation and if you’re a straight razor user this soap will benefit you as well.
The best part was the post shave feel and what a feeling it was so close and smooth.

So, I really liked GEA and if you want to try these for yourself you can contact Manuel Garcia by email he lives in Barcelona, Spain currently I have found no website to purchase from but he does have a Facebook page so here it the email.

Company: JabonMan
Product: EUFROS Premium GEA $16.97 US
Website: -

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