Saturday, September 9, 2017

Phoenix & Beau / Denali

Company: Phoenix & Beau
Product: Denali
Founders: Kerry & Sarah Burrows
Location:  Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England

Another look into our care package from the UK brings out a menthol delight called Denali a seasonal shaving soap from Phoenix & Beau based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, a family business founded by Kerry & Sarah Burrows in 2015. Kerry spent nine months building and testing a formula that led to the creation of a vegan and, some time after, a tallow based soap. After extensive testing with the group “The Shaving Room” Phoenix & Beau was launched in February 2016 from Kerry’s home-based studio. Here they continue to work together to bring the wet shaving community amazing products.

Denali comes in a black plastic tub with a screw on lid. On the top lid we have the product label on the bottom of the tub is the company information, ingredients, batch number and grams which happen to be 115g or roughly 4oz US. The product label, in my opinion, seems to have this one design flaw. The product name is extremely hard to read because the same design was applied to the font which basically camouflages it. Maybe an outline stroke in black would make the title stand out a bit more. This is just my two cents and like I always say that’s all my opinion is worth. Note - I believe the design has been updated and the issue with the label has been addressed.

The scent is a combination of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Camphor, and menthol. The peppermint is right up front but then the camphor and menthol hit you with a one two punch. WOW! A word of caution if you hold the tub too close to your face your eyes will start to tear. Oh, how I love menthol.

To lather Denali was extremely easy whether you face or bowl lather you’ll find it makes an amazing amount. I created a bowl in just over a minute, I created a very rich creamy lather that was a pleasure to apply and having no problems getting right into my beard. During the application, I started to feel the cool menthol sensation on my face and let me tell you there is nothing like it. This would be the perfect start to any morning shave. The slickness and glide for this soap were perfect allowing me to go over troubled spots without worry of irritation. The bonus feature of this soap has to be the post shave feel. This is hands down one of the best post shaves feels from a shaving soap I’ve gotten in a long while. You MUST experience this one for yourself.

 So, I had a terrific shave with Denali and I’m so thankful it was included in my care package from the U.K. If you’re a menthol head like me do yourself a favor and check this one out. Not only because of its menthol content but as a quality shaving soap it hits all the marks.

**Keep in mind this is a seasonal release so keep an eye on the website or sign up for the company announcements.

Company: Phoenix & Beau
Product: Denali

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