Saturday, September 16, 2017

Erasmic Shaving Cream

Company: Amber House Ltd
Product: Erasmic
Location: United Kingdom
Website – Google for best price

Again, from the UK care package we have selected another shave cream called Erasmic for this week’s shave. This is a product of Amber House Ltd.  The product states that it has the same great formula since 1886 but maybe they should tweak it a just a bit.  A little more on that later.

The packaging is very attractive with a bold red box with white text except for the product name which is in black and some other accents. The tube holds about 7.5ml with a screw on cap but I would rather if it had a flip top.

The scent of this shaving cream is heavenly it’s one of the reasons I really wanted this one to work. Unfortunately, this and the lather I created was the only things that really impressed me. It says it has chamomile and glycerin to help smooth and lubricate but I found none of these things helping. In fact, I did notice a slight disappearance of the lather in the beginning of my shave but it seemed to correct itself once I kept applying.

During the shave, I used my Razorock slant and it was like I wasn’t using any shave cream at all to protect me from the razor. This, of course, is my experience and if you want to try this for yourself it’s cheap enough so you can make your own assessment of the product. 

I really can’t recommend this to anyone. On the package, it states that it’s the “Same Great Formula” I do believe they have to rethink that statement. Maybe bring it up to date with the rest of the shave cream offerings of today because in my own opinion this one still needs some work.

 Company: Amber House Ltd
Product: Erasmic 7.5ml $3.50 – $4:50
Website – Google for best price

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