Saturday, April 25, 2020

Patrick Ryan's TheShavingBowl

Edwin A Juarez from “The Daily Shave”
Company: Patrick Ryan's
Product: TheShavingBowl Website: 

I received an email a few weeks ago from Edwin A Juarez from “The Daily Shave” telling me that a package would soon arrive and the contents would be shaving bowls for review. I was expecting wood or ceramic but wow these are made of stainless steel and let me tell you how awesome these shaving bowls are. Patrick Ryan has been working on them for customers for a while now and currently his creation is undergoing a second revision which should be ready soon. I have the first rev coming in at 1.8 oz these stainless steel bowls are as light as a feather so light it’s hard to believe they're made of stainless steel and so compact for travel as well.

First off the design patterns are very striking. I show off the one I like the most in my video. I enjoy artisan craftsmanship and the quality and time that they put into it. To me, these are like showpieces I would leave them out in the den just for that reason. Lathering was no problem the patterns promoted a wonderful lather and clean up was in seconds all ready for the next shave. If your interested in getting one for yourself then rush over to his Facebook page called TheShavingBowl it has many posts of other satisfied users and you can even order one from their as well.

Company: Patrick Ryan's Product:
TheShavingBowl Website:

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