Friday, July 24, 2020

Pre Shave & Shaving Cream (Red)

Company: Proraso
Product: Pre Shave & Shaving Cream (Red)

When it comes to Proraso products the sandalwood always comes to mind. This was one of the first shaving creams I’ve ever purchased. I have nothing bad to say about it some find it harsh on the skin due to the fragrance oils they use but that’s not the case for me it works perfectly. When it comes to the pre-shave I’ve tried it once awhile back so I think I’ll give it another go and see if my scores and my opinions have changed any.

I never bowl lather Proraso shaving creams for me its just not necessary I did however load the brush from the plastic tub. Before that, I applied the pre-shave on using my fingertips to rub it into my beard making sure it was applied to all areas of the face where needed.

Once the shave was started and all the way through I had no irritation even going over trouble spots I had no problems at all that being said, without using the pre-shave I've had the same results. For someone else with sensitive skin, this might be the way to go but I didn’t need the pre-shave but I’m glad I tried it one more time because things change over time so knowing is the key.

So I had an amazing shave and if you do think this would help you give it a try because what does not work for me might be the thing you can’t live without using it happens all the time so try it for yourself and let me know the outcome whatever you decide you just can’t go wrong with Proraso.

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