Saturday, July 11, 2020

Strike Gold Shave - Honest Abe

Company: Strike Gold Shave
Product: Honest Abe

Two weeks ago way before the holiday, Frank from Strike Gold Shave informed me he had a new shaving soap he wanted me to review and explained he was sending it out but unfortunately it never arrived and we missed the opportunity to review this on July 4th. So today I’m happy to say its finally here and we're taking a look at Honest Abe the new release from Strike Gold Shave.

This is a standard 5oz tube with a screw-on lid but you have to love the great picture of Abraham Lincoln that was used for the label and something I never noticed before was the addition of the side label which most likely had been on other tubs before.

With this release comes something new, the much anticipated updated patriots base soap formula. To tell you the truth I always thought the soap's performance was just fine but if you don’t reformulate and improve in this business you'll be left out from the others that due it’s like a game trying to get the most out of your base.

Scent notes are as follows: Fresh notes of tangerine and blood orange float over a rich accord of patchouli, coffee, spices, and vanilla. Hints of ginger and mint. I have to say this combination is different and in a good way I truly like it the first time I opened the tub and I think most wet shavers will too. It has that vintage feel to it that I like soy much or at least I think it does this of course is just my take on it YMMV.

The performance is nothing more than what you would expect from Strike Gold Shave I produced some great lather that got right into the beard and provided great coverage. The slickness and glide were above average allowing me to glide my razor across my face without any fear of going over troubles spots causing irritations. My post shave feel was a good one and the aftershave brought it home allowing for me to carry the scent way after the shave was done.

I can’t tell a lie I had a great shave with Honest Abe something tells me that you will too!

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