Saturday, July 31, 2021

Proraso Green Shave & The Occam's Razor

Proraso Green Shave & The Occam's Razor 

One just has to say the word Proraso and a flood of responses come forth and almost all of them are positive. Today I go back to using this wonderful shaving cream for my shave today. Green is the color I’m using and for people who don’t know the green has menthol which on these hot humid days is just perfect.

This shaving cream comes in a tube and it's extremely easy to place in a bowl or on your brush which is what I did for this shave. After wetting my face and the little on the brush just work it into the beard and in seconds you’ll create an amazing lather and in a min or so and during your shave, you’ll start to feel the magic of the menthol. Other parts of the magic are the outstanding slickness and glide which if you own a DE, SE, or Straight Razor you’ll have no problems going over troubles spots without irritation. My post-shave feel was amazing it felt like the perfect shave. The other side of this shave belongs to the incredible Occam’s Razor Nano-Enhanced. If you never heard of this razor you're not alone. When I first started using it on Youtube I received many comments asking where did I purchase it from. I’m sorry to say it’s not available due to COVID it hasn’t been in stock for over a year and a half. I was a backer on the Kickstarter and got in as an early bird for $45.00. When it was finally released to the public it sold for $125.00 then during COVID it shut up to $225.00. This was done to discourage sales. If you want one your best bet is to call them here - So if you're new to wet shaving or have never tried Proraso it comes in Blue, Green, White, and Red then pick a color and give it a try. Don Youngner Wet the Face

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