Saturday, January 15, 2022

Shaving & Talking #10 Featuring St James Of London

In this week's Shaving & Talking we bring out the glass jar of St James of London. This was a gift from a subscriber who after purchasing reacted to the cedarwood scent. He enjoyed the scent very much but had to give it up due to the irritation it caused.

The glass jar packaging stands out amongst all the rest of the creams I’ve used over the years. A simple label on the screw-on tin top and another side label denoting the scent. On the bottom is a warning label along with the amounts 5.07 FL oz, website, and made in England moniker.
The sent is the star of the show for me I found this one strong, you can even say powerful. As soon as the lid is open it hits you straight away it’s at this point you're going to either love it or hate it. Some say it can be overwhelming but most I’ve talked to do loves the scent.

Lathering this was in no way difficult it was simple and easy to do. I wet my brush dipped it into the cream wet the face (no pun intended) and started to face lather. The best thing about any shaving cream is they offer the best slickness and glide and this one has plenty. The lather got right into the beard and provided great coverage. The slickness and glide were wonderful allowing me to go over trouble spots with no irritation. The post-shave feel was super.

If you never tried this shaving cream before and do not have sensitive skin just dive right in. Go to the website they have a few other scents you might like even better but this cedarwood is tops for me. The next one I would like to try is Tobacco.

Also in this video, we bring up a few TV series I’ve been watching
As always stay safe and be kind to one another

Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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