Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Amazing Nancy Boy Shaving Cream

 Whenever I take a break from shaving soaps and use a cream on my YouTube channel I get lots of questions. The one that comes up the most is out of all the shaving creams you use which ones would be the best. I usually follow this up with what is true to me all shaving creams are great they all offer the best possible slickness and glide compared to shaving soap even if that soap is tallow-based.

If you're looking for a unique experience then one does not need to go any further than Nancy Boy Signature Scent. Rated among the top ten shaving creams in the world this one is made with premium ingredients and the company motto “Better Ingredients Make Better Products”

It’s been two years since my first review of this product and my opinions of it have not changed one bit. Here is the original article I wrote and every word I stand by today. 

I do many reviews on shaving creams so many in fact that I have lost count over the years. In that time I’ve only had a few that stand out to me but recently I found one that might top them all. This one shaving cream was introduced to me by a YouTube subscriber who told me if you think the product you just reviewed is good then you must try Nancy Boy. So I took his advice and contacted the company and spoke to Eric. I asked him if he would be interested in sending me a sample of his shaving cream for a review and he agreed.

Nancy Boy believes in the motto “Better Ingredients Make Better Products” and how true that is with their signature shaving cream. It’s been the number one bestseller since 2002 also rated amongst the top shaving creams in the world. From a lavender garden, Nancy Boy launched 18 years ago with 5 essential oil-based hair and skin products. Today they sell more than 100 products across a range of natural product categories. This privately held company reports only to customers, not stockholders. This means that, unlike the competition, they don't have to cut production costs to satisfy Wall Street. So why didn’t I hear about them until now? They do not fancy advertising they rely solely on word-of-mouth for growth which means they have to be better.

The packaging is very simplistic by design pure white tub with the company logo on the side easy to open screw-on lid and generously filled with 6oz of shaving cream.

The scent is fantastic again simplistic but effective the notes are Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender. They have created a combination of scents so good it appeals to both men and women alike. This scent is so popular that it is repeated in many products they offer.

Since you can use a bush with this cream I decided to do just that. I dabbed the tip of my badger brush right into the cream a few times, wet my face, and began to face lather. What a surprise it was to feel the coolness of the cream as it was working into my beard. I knew right then this was going to be a great experience. This cream has the right stuff when it came to the slickness and glide it allowed me to go over trouble spots without fear of irritation. My post-shave feel was outstanding. 

So, run to your computer and order this now it’s so good that they have a limit to how many you can order at one time. You can thank my youtube subscribe for spreading the word and now I pass this information on to you.  

Company: Nancy Boy

Product: Signature Shaving Cream

Co-Founder: Eric Roos

Location: San Francisco CA


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