Saturday, April 13, 2024

First Time Using Speick Shaving Stick

Today I use for the first time a shaving stick called Speick. I have used Arko's stick and on my first try I didn't use it correctly I was brought up on wet shaving charges for misuse of wet shaving equipment with the community. I did go back and make another video doing a stick shave properly. I will use the same method here using Speick.

This all came about during a conversation with my friend Dan he sent me two links to shaving sticks the Speick and the other La Toja. The La Toja has a scent that I clearly point out in the video I do not like but am willing to try in our next video.

The box that this came in has seen better days. Once it was removed from the box you could see the foil-like wrapping which covered the stick. Normally you would peal the foil back every time you need to reach an unused section of the stick. I didn't do that I pealed all the foil off I don't have a problem with doing it that way.

I wet my face with warm water and then applied the stick to my beard. I went over it a few times making sure I had plenty on. Then using a wet brush I began to face lather. It took only 30 seconds to start seeing the buildup of lather on my face the scent was somewhat enjoyable and I could feel the slickness. Once full lather was achieved I was ready for my razor.

It seems that Speick has superior slickness and glide which allowed me to go over spots without fear of irritation in fact I got one of the closest shaves in a while, the post-shave feel was fantastic.

If you haven't tried a stick before this one might be worth trying as your first. I'll be looking for others to try in the future maybe I'll find one that has a scent I truly like. Any suggestions?

Well, that's all I have for this week
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet the Face

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