Saturday, April 6, 2024

Infinity & Nebula Purple Shaving Bowl

Today I'm proud to introduce a new product from Wet The Face. Introducing 3D-printed shaving bowls. As I've said in the past I set out to learn Fusion 360 and in a few months I felt confident to create a few products and this is one of them.

The inside of our shaving bowl was designed to promote lather creation. The purpose of this specially designed textured bottom is to aid in breaking down the shaving soap or cream, incorporating air into the lather, and evenly distributing it across the bristles of the shaving brush. This process results in a thick, creamy lather that softens the beard hair, moisturizes the skin, and provides lubrication for a close, irritation-free shave.

These are available in many stylish color options including Grey, Marble, Zero Gravity Black, and Nebula Purple, these shaving bowls are designed to elevate your grooming routine.

Choose to include our distinctive WTF logo proudly displayed on the side, or opt for a logo-free design except for our hidden logo underneath the bowl.

That's all I have today
As always be kind to one another
Wet The Face
Don Youngner

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