Saturday, April 27, 2024

Shaving With Land Ho!

Today I reached back into the review box from the past and pulled out two products from Captain's Choice, Land HO!'s shaving cream and balm. No bowl lather today but it was a great shave.

The Captain's shaving cream had been lying on its side for a while and when it was opened it revealed the shaving cream had all moved to the side of the tub so I had to mix it up a bit before use. I first thought that maybe the cream was too old to use but that was not the case it just needed a little mixing and it turned right back to when I first received it.

A face lather was performed using a water-soaked WTF brush which I dipped into the cream and then applied to the face. Circular motion activated the shaving cream to a thick creamy lather with wonderful coverage. The slickness and glide were still excellent allowing me to go over trouble spots without fearing irritation. The post-shave felt very good and the aftershave balm was the perfect ending to a great shave.

My pharmacy issues have grown since RightAid closed more stores on Long Island. This is the second one they transferred me to that has closed in less than 6 months. Now, all prescriptions are transferred to Walgreens which is not too far away but still a pain. I'm just glad they didn't transfer any of them to CVS they are the worst.

That's all I have for today
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet the Face

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