Monday, July 27, 2015

Review - Sapone Di Paolo

Company: Sapone Di Paolo
Founder: Palolo
Location: Charleston South Carolina
Product: Sapone Di Paolo
The American Soap With Italian Roots. 

On March 6th 2015 Paolo announce his new soap company exclusively on the forum called The Shaving Nook. That was 4 months ago and things sure have taken off since then. As the grandson of an Italian barber, shaving is in his genes!  The company name, all of the scent names, and the soap itself all bear the Italian style as a nod to his Italian heritage. Palolo offers Agrume (citrus), which is a lime and basil blend, and Inodoro (scentless). Also included in the line up are the same scented balms.  All of the soaps are vegan and are based in aloe vera, stearic acid, coconut oil and mango butter. 

My review will be on the “Agrume” or citrus shaving soap. The soap is in a clear plastic 4.0oz tub with a screw on top. The labels are water poof so no problem with getting them wet and having them fade or damage. The tub opening is more than ample to load your brush.

This is a soft soap that loads real easy. All you need to do is just run some water into the tub and spill it out then wet your brush and start loading. You should see it start lathering instantly.  The scent notes are lime and basil but for me the lime is way upfront with a hint of basil. The scent strength on a scale of 1-10 is about a 5 and moves slightly to 5.5 when lathering. The scent tends to drop off about 30min after your shave. So an aftershave with the same scent would be preferred.

The lather was plentiful. I produced a face lather that was real thick and creamy and produced slickness and glide that was right on target during the entire shave with a nice post shave feel. I did only one pass this shave but had plenty of lather left on the brush to do two more if I wanted.

So I had a great shave with Sapone Di Paolo. I do think that using a brush with more backbone helped in created a better lather but this is just my opinion also I would like to see more scents added to his collection.

Company: Sapone Di Paolo
Product: Sapone Di Paolo 4oz  $12.99
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