Monday, July 20, 2015

Review - First Canadian Shaving Soap

Product: Loretto Lime & Rosemary 
Founder: Brian Hoffman
Location: Barrie, Ontario Canada

Brian started soap making about 12 years ago when he couldn’t find a high quality fragrance free soap. Through the Internet he’s learned to sharpen knives and straight razors, use straight razors and roast coffee. So how hard can making shaving soap be? Turns out it’s real hard. He had gone the castor oil and clay route for a long time until he landed on Johns (L.A. shave soap) post on B&B.  from there he honed in of the art of making shaving soap.

I first saw this soap on “The Clean Shaver” video review. So I sent out letter to Brian Hoffman the owner of First Canadian Shave Soap Co. explained who I was and that I was looking for samples to do a review. Brian agreed and offered me a selection from his collection of scents. Three days later I had a mail call. The two scents are Grand Valley Vetiver and Loretto Lime and Rosemary. FCSS are tallow and lanolin based.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. The tubs are clear plastic with a great screw on lid. You can be sure this lid is not coming off without your help. The lid has a nice label but surprisingly its not protected from the water. Furthermore Brian uses a clear plastic stick on label for the web address and soap ingredients on the side and bottom of the tub and during my testing the text on these labels had come right off. This might be a problem for some. 

The scent I’m writing about is the Lime Rosemary. What a great scent, the lime is right upfront and you get that rosemary kick right behind it. Its not a strong scented soap you will have to hold the tub a little closer to your nose but wow it does smell great and when your shaving you will notice the scent does present itself. On the scale of 1 to 5 I would put this scent strength about 2.5 to 3.  

Lathering this soap is not a problem. Wet your brush and just touch the soap with one swirl and you will find the rich creamy lather starting immediately. During my shave I found the slickness and glide present right to the end of the shave.  One of the added features of this soap is the post shave feel you get very impressive.

I asked Brian if he had any plans for aftershaves he said, “Yes but nothing serious right now”. I also asked what’s on the horizon for FCSS “I am bringing out a Menthol soap called “Polar Vortex”. This will be for the “menthol heads”.

In closing Brain had this to say, “The only other thing I want to add is how great this Wet Shave Community is, especially the other artisan soap makers. They are always there to help a competitor with questions and problems. Where else does this happen.

So there you have it, another great shaving soap for us all to try. I had a wonderful shave with First Canadian Shaving Soap. Brian is located on ETSY and Facebook go and check him out.

Price: 7.5oz $17.97
            4.0oz $11.43

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