Monday, July 20, 2015

Review - The Mongoose Razor

Company: The Mongoose Razors
Product: Mongoose Razor
Founder: Bruce Weber / Matt Glass

I noticed this razor when someone posted a “Shave of the Day” with it. I marveled at the look and style. Right then I knew I had to have one. I started looking for any information I could find. While doing a Google search I came across a Facebook Group of the same name. I emailed them and found out that I would have to wait a while to get one for myself. 

Email reply to order a Mongoose:

January 28, 2015
Thank you for your interest in the Mongoose Razor - we appreciate the inquiry.  As you may have read, we have been keeping a wait list for our Batch 2 production.  Unfortunately, our production has been a little behind schedule and we are working furiously to fulfill all the orders we have for the people on that wait list.  As such, all units expected to be machined for the people on the wait list are already spoken for, and we are not taking any new names or creating any new wait lists at this time.  Our plan is to build inventory and avoid the whole wait list scheme in the future.  As such, we will take your email address, and contact you when razors are again available (the wait will be several weeks).  In addition, updated information regarding Mongoose Razors will be posted in our Facebook group.  As for pricing, we have not yet received numbers from our vendors, so our 2015 pricing has not yet been set, but there will likely be increases over the prices offered for Batch 2.  Thanks again for your interest and for contacting us about the Mongoose Razor.

So while waiting for my own I submitted a few questions, I asked about the company and how the razor was created to the Mongoose Team and here is the reply. 

June 22, 2015
Hi Don, Thanks for reaching out and for your enthusiasm for the Mongoose. We generally don't share too many details about the creation of the razor, but it came about as an idea from one wet shave enthusiast - Bruce Weber. As a Cobra owner, he knew the quality of the Artist Club type blades and wondered if he couldn't create a three-piece design that would work well.

Teaming up with a couple of other enthusiasts - Matt Glass, Paul Bombino and David Marshburn, the four set out to test and refine the concept, spending about a year and working through ten prototypes before agreeing that the performance and build quality was ready for market. That was in late Summer 2014 and initial batch of 45 razors (the "Batch 1"s) were sold to fellow shavers who had been following and supporting the effort. Paul and David have continued to participate in testing of new concepts and razors, while Bruce and Matt are the owners of the company.

After the immediate success of Batch 1 (we could have sold many times the available quantity), we ramped up to have our shop manufacture a much larger production run that quickly sold out (Batch 2). We are now in what we plan to be regular production and are working through a large backlog of demand, with the expectation that we will eventually be able to move away from "wait lists" and have inventory available for on-demand purchases, ideally through resellers such as the online shave shops. Additional versions, including the AlumiGoose, an all Titanium, an Open Comb plate, Rose Gold and Black Chrome, and potentially a MinGoose that uses the Schick injector-type blades are all in the works.

As you can tell by the video it comes in a stylish black box with the logo right on top. The razor was very well protected during shipping. Included with the razor is the  “Welcome Card” thanking you for your purchase and telling you a few facts about your new Mongoose. Knowing I needed blades I took a trip online to TRYABLADE. They have an amazing amount of blades for all types of razors. I clicked on the Mongoose sample pack, which came with 8 different single edge blades some more aggressive than others. In the video I will list each one along with its price. 

My first shave was like going into the unknown. What angle should use? What blade should I try first? I was not successful at my first attempted. I used a very aggressive Feather blade and was pressing way too hard. I really did a number on my face with razor burn. After a few days I tried again and picked a less aggressive blade. So now for me this was the correct blade I was getting wonderful close comfortable shaves. 

Since I ordered the high polished version fingerprints are a pain but oh man does that razor look awesome. I do however recommend taking the razor apart and cleaning it after each use. The design is such that gunk gets under the blade and head and will not wash away just by holding it under running water.

The Mongoose is not for the beginner it’s designed to be an aggressive razor. It’s also a very heavy razor. The head is about 50 grams and the current handle is about 90. For me this is what I look for in a razor others might find this uncomfortable.  We also have the price factor; it’s not cheap at $169.00. 

So the only thing left to do is take a look at the video and judge for yourself.

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