Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review - Top Shelf Subscription Box - Take Two

Review: - Top Shelf Subscription Box  - Take Two
Founder: Garry Johnson

In my first review of Top Shelf I pointed out my concerns on a number of things and made some suggestions to Garry on how he might go about making changes. Well, Box #2 is here and it’s a whole new ball game. What a difference 30 days makes. 

Let me start off by saying how nice the presentation is now. Gone is the over sized box, no more ugly bubble wrap. Gone is the contents list on scarp paper.  Now we have a wonderful sized box tailored to its contents. All items are cushioned by a bed of tiny accordion like strips of paper (very festive) and the contents list is presented on a thicker cardboard like piece of paper. The text is clear and legible highlighting all the included items in bold text along with Garry’s personal take on each one.

Box #2 contents:

Boellies Panama 1924 Shaving Soap
Omega shaving Brush #1147 “Mixed Midget”
Antica Barbieria Colla Aftershave Milk/Balm
Treet “Black Beauty” Double Edge Blades 10pk
Treet Vintage Super Single Edge Blades “For Display Purposes Only”
Shaving Soap Stick Container

So let me talk about the hits of box number two. The Boellis Panama 1924 Shaving Soap. I was so happy to get this I can’t tell you how amazing it is that this was included.  It has a wonderful almond scent and is crafted with pure almond oil. This soap is considered to be among the best in the world but it’s not cheap 8oz for around $50.00

Next up is the Omega shaving brush #11047. The Omega Mighty Midget Shaving Brush combines gray badger hair and boar bristles in a smart looking acrylic handle. This compact brush is high quality. The perfect blend of two hairs makes it ideal for soaps and creams and even works great as a travel brush.  This brush retails for about $17.00

Another is Antic Barbieria Colla aftershave. This Almond scented aftershave oil is just wonderful. At 3.oz for $79.00 it better be. I have never seen this one before so let me read you the description. This alcohol free post shave treatment cools, relaxes and invigorates the face after shaving. The scent is both invigorating and divine. In fact, if you close your eyes, you will swear that you are sitting in a swanky barbershop in Italy.

Lastly the shaving soap stick container great for travel and for using with your soft soaps or creams. 

Let me talk about the misses. I see only one. I can’t guess why it was included “The Treet Vintage Super Vingle Edge Blades” for display purposes only. This display box is from 1970 that’s 45 years ago. Garry said he found most of the blades he’s open to be rusty which is why they are for display only. I’m not sure what the thinking was here nostalgia? Cool looking box? As stated in the contents card they just didn’t pass quality inspection. For me it  holds no value. I would have rather had anything, styptic pencils something other then this.

So this box was truly TOPSHELF a great value and wonderful presentations with a few surprises to boot. I’m very impressed and hope to see more boxes like this in the future from Garry.

 Well Done!

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