Saturday, September 15, 2018

Proraso Green (Evergreen)

Company: Proraso Since 1908          
Product: Proraso Green (Evergreen)
Founder: Ludovico Martelli
Location: Italy

About 7 months ago I wrote an article on Proraso Red one of my favorite sandalwood shaving creams and now I have another it’s Proraso Green (Evergreen) with eucalyptus and menthol. This amazing shaving cream hits the spot for when you have days you feel like everything is dragging, I guarantee this will get you right back into the groove.

The packaging is pretty much the same from the red but still very attractive. Although I’m not a fan of metal tube products because they bend out of shape and look ugly on the counter but I’ll make an exception for this product. 

The scent captures the bright note of evergreen with an amazing eucalyptus and menthol combination that is sure to please. It’s this combination that will wake you up in the morning or whenever something like that is needed to get you going or jump-start your day.

When it comes to lathering this cream will not let you down whether you face or bowl lather Proraso does it. I bowl lathered and it only took 30 seconds to bring it to what amounted to a thick creamy lather allowing me to get right into the beard with full coverage. The slickness and glide are tops with this cream no problems going over trouble spots. Post shave feel was also a pleasure

Company: Proraso Since 1908          
Product: Proraso Green (Evergreen)

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