Saturday, September 22, 2018

Shaver Heaven (Rebooted)

Company: Shaver Heaven
Location: Australia
Founder: Anthony Macri
Website: Shaver Heaven

It was a shock when it was first announced it never even crossed my mind that it could happen but yet here I was reading it Shaver Heaven was closing its doors. This was October of 2016 a shock ran over the wet shaving community wet shavers started buying tubs of them just so they could store up on their favorites. I even talked to Anthony and asked did he ever intended to reopen and at that time little was known when or if it would happen but I’m happy to say after 18 months the husband & wife team are back and better than ever!

Gone is the original website they opted to do away with all the headaches of maintaining such a thing and picked resellers instead. The one in the USA is West Coast Shaving they have the exclusive on all Shaver Heaven products. While looking at the collation I did notice something, not all of them made it back into production. Take the one I was using in my latest video Coconut Citrus Sorbet sadly not available. Likewise only 3 tallow soaps are available they are Citrus Garden, Sweet Almond Milk, and Arctic Mango. Currently, on West Coast Shaving, out of the 21 soaps available, 6 six are sold out so if your thinking about a purchase stop reading and do it now!

I can’t say it would be fair to judge a shaving soap that’s about 4 years old but let me tell you when I went back to this tub it was like I was using it for the first time the scent was still as strong and as fresh as the day I purchased it and so was the performance it didn’t miss a beat.

I bowl lather with it and it was a little thirsty but I excepted that since shaving soap will tend to dry out after a few years it just what happens. Adding a little more water to it did the trick and I created an amazing amount. It went on perfectly and got right into my beard and the slickness and glide were just fine allowing me to go over trouble spots without fear of irritation. MY post shave feel was a good one and I had just a little scent left which I really enjoyed.

So, I’m sure glad shaver Heaven is back and I wish them well. That being said since they left the landscape has definitely changed, more artisans have come online and have overtaken the spot that shaver heaven once held. Having one of the most beloved products is going to help them gain market share again but in this crowded field of players having a heavenly connection is also going to help.

Company: Shaver Heaven
Location: Australia
Website: Shaver Heaven $22.00 - $25.00

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