Saturday, February 9, 2019

FuzzyFace Soaps / Beau Brummell

Company: FuzzyFace Soaps
Product:  Beau Brummell
Founder: James Presley
Location: Washington, MO


Sometimes a soaps name can make me stop and take notice like the one from FuzzyFace Soaps called Beau Brummell. I had no idea who Beau Brummell was until I googled it and now it makes perfect sense why he called it that. Beau Brummell was, in fact, an innovative dresser and arbiter of good taste who laid the foundations for tailoring as we know it today. Do you remember Billy Joel's song “Still Rock in Roll to me” there is a line in that song that reads “How about a pair of pink sidewinders and a bright orange pair of pants? You could really be a Beau Brummell baby, if you just give it half a chance.” well this is the guy he was singing about. In the end, Beau Brummell was considered an FOP or a Dandy. A fop was a fool who was focused specifically on his clothing and appearance.

So, let’s talk about shaving soap. The packaging comes in two layers of wrapping the inner is wax while the outer wrapping seems to be made of a coffee filter. I know this because I’m doing the same thing with my line of WTF Pucks. The systems to make the pelted look can run thousands of dollars just for the low-cost ones so this is a perfect alternative and works very well.

The scent is just fantastic it smells like what a good well-dressed man would wear out. very clean very Beau Brummell. The notes for this are Tobacco and black tea which are the dominant notes with hints of fruit and spice it is an amazing combination and one would hope for an aftershave as well. 

For my bowl lather, I placed the puck in warm water just about the top of the puck and let it sit for about 2 - 5 min. Then not needing the bloom water I tipped some out just leaving a little at the bottom of the bowl and wet my brush and started to load it up. This only took 30 seconds and I had more than I need to continue without the presence of the puck. Once the bowl lather started it really got going into a full bowl of lather it was at this time I took it to the face to apply but before I started I thought to add a pre-shave oil for extra protection would be something I need to do. 

The lather went on thick and silky smooth and the scent was right up front a very nice experience. I was able to get right into my two-week-old bread which providing me with great coverage. Because my beard was two weeks old I opted for a slant razor the one I used was a RazoRock German slant 37 for about $19.00. I’ve found this one to be somewhat aggressive and now only use it when I have a beard over two weeks old. The slickness and glide from this tallow puck was the correct protection when using this razor it allowed me to go over trouble spots without the fear of irritation. I topped this off with a quick go over with an Alum block and then applied some of my Modern Barbershop aftershaves.

So, I had a wonderful time using Beau Brummell but to my amazement, I couldn’t find this on the website (ETSY) If it’s no longer for sale It would be a shame to have missed this one. Maybe if some people get together he could make a small batch give a reboot.

Company: FuzzyFace Soaps
Product: Beau Brummell Tins, Tubs, Samples


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