Saturday, February 2, 2019

Timeless Razor - Blue Shaving Bowl

Company: Timeless Razor
Product: Blue Shaving Bowl
Location: North Royalton, Ohio

It’s no secret that I like to bowl lather I do this because I enjoy the ritual of it all. I’ve been doing so for a very long time now and what I have found is that the bowl you use does matter. Just in the last few months, I had reviewed two new shaving bowls one high-end plastic which had lots of bells and whistles the another a hand made artisan ceramic bowl. Now today we head into a new shaving bowl direction. This one is a bit less than the others starting at only $12.00 could this one be as good as the high-end ones? let's find out.

The bowl was sent to me packaged like it was made of glass very protective and I have to say it was in a nice looking box. The bowl is a bright blue made from injected molded plastic. Right away you can see the hight of the bowl is right in line with some other higher end bowls I've used. This allows the user to not worry about spillage when agitating the lather. This also sports the bumps and ridges found in the higher end models that also promote lather creation. The Dimensions: HEIGHT: 2 3/4": INSIDE DIAMETER: 3 1/4" Bottom: 4 7/16" Top

When it comes to durability this ones got it. I dropped this on a few hard surfaces and as I expected nothing happened I sure this could survive anything you throw at it even a few TSA agents. it’s made from shatterproof/crack proof super strong high impact polypropylene polymer. Made right here in the USA.

The Timeless Razor bowl does lack a few things namely a handle. You can’t hold it like a coffee cup such as the other high-end models but it does have ridges on the outside to help you grip on to it during use. I also found the bottom of the bowl to be a little bit narrow than I prefer. It held me back from making stronger east and west movements but I was still able to create the desired amount.

So, I had a great time using this bowl and would recommend it for anyone looking to get in on the fun. This makes a great first time shaving bowl and a great one for the traveler as well.

Company: Timeless Razor
Product: Blue Shaving Bowl $12.00

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