Saturday, February 23, 2019

Naked Armor Shaving Set

Company: Naked Armor 
Product: Shaving Set DE Razor / Soap

A few weeks ago I received an email asking if I wanted to review a wet shaving set from a new company. I told them if they don’t mind an honest review I would be glad to do it. They told me they always welcome any kind of feedback to make their products better so they put together a wet shaving set for me and here are the results of that experience.

The company is called Naked Armor which I have never heard of before the packaging was well crafted a box containing a shaving soap sealed in a tin. Also included was a separate box inside was a brush with a wooden handle and a DE razor again the wooden theme applies. Then to finish the set we have the facial soap

The shaving soap tin was boxed inside a black thick cardboard square for good looks, yes but mainly to protect the tin from dents. The tin comes with a protective shield on the top which you must peel off. This revealed the shaving soap which is glycine-based. Once I saw the soap I was a little disappointed, to say the least. I expected an artisan shaving soap, not a melt and pour. I’m hoping they took the time to make it from scratch and add other properties making it something they can call there own.

Next was another sealed box which contained the wooden handle brush sporting the company logo along with a DE razor with the same wooden handle. The brush I’ve seen before included with many other shaving kits, not the best quality but not the worst. It did perform well when bowl lathering a wonderful backbone to the brush made it very easy to make a lather but being new and this happens to all new brush the hairs were coming loose and landing in the lather.

As for the DE razor very attractive but the proof of a good razor does not come from its looks it comes from performance. I can sum up its performance in one word. Aggressive.
The Razor handles very well and the balance is perfect but be extremely careful. I’m going to warn every first time user to stay away from this De razor. I have been shaving for well over 40 years and I know how to handle DE razors and when I tell you I had a difficult time keeping this razor from doing damage to me face a first time user would most likely be in trouble. Sadly the soap didn’t help in this issue at all one looks to the slickness and glide of soap to help with these issues but if offered very little support that was also disappointing.

So, to say I had a bad shave would be taking this too far I had good shave but it was way too close for comfort. They need to look at the DE razor again and see what they can do to tone it down. The soap has a great scent and does lather but need more slickness and glide and I couldn’t tell you what the notes to the scent because they don’t list them on the website.

Company: Naked Armor 
Product: Shaving Set DE Razor / Soap

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