Saturday, February 16, 2019

Godrej Shaving Cream

Company: Godrej
Product: Godrej Shaving Cream (Lemon)
Location: Mumbai,  India
Website - Google Search

Every day tons of SOTD pictures are uploaded to my social media community and very often I take notice of what people are using in their daily routine of shaving. One such photo caught my attention I noticed something that I’ve never seen before so I did a little research and found it was available for only $4.00. A shaving cream called Godrej this company is located in Mumbai  India stared in 1932 and now they have over 20 brands and have reached the number one spot in some areas in consumer purchases.

The packaging was one of the things that drew me to pick this one. It was very attractive and I selected the Lemon Fresh.

The scent was something of a surprised me. Lemons are present but seems masked in other bar soap ivory type of chemical smell so the essence of the lemon is somewhat lost in my opinion. Not a good start if you ask me.

I opted to face lather and dapped the shaving cream onto a damp brush wet my face and started to work this into my beard. the lather did come up quickly and was providing some really good coverage. During the shave, I did notice a slight numbness and tingle around my lips which was very concerning however that was the only place where I experienced this.

The slickness and glide of the cream were minimal at best but did allow some protection from irritation. The longer I left the cream on my face the worse the numbness increased so I was in hurry to wash it off. My post shave feel was ok mostly due to the Occam's Razor.

To say I had a great shave was stretching the truth a bit it was a good shave although I have worse. If you have $4.00 dollars laying around and want to give this a try I say go for it but don’t expect too much from this cream.

Company: Godrej
Product: Godrej Shaving Cream  $4.00

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